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Welcome to AED Authority Canada®

Your Centre of  Excellence and  Service provider of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Public Access Programs

"Save a life...it could be yours"

Welcome to AED Authority Canada®

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in the Canada and North America.   However, studies have shown Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival rates increase from 5% to 74% with the implementation of a proper AED program. The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation state that Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims approximately 45,000 lives per year in Canada. That’s one every 12 minutes. In Canada every 7 minutes someone dies from heart disease or stroke, many of whom are children.

AED Authority Canada, is a wholly owned, Canadian based company, specializing in the implementation of Public Access AED programs. As an independent distributor and retailer, this puts us in the unique position of understanding the AED industry as a whole and taking on the role of a true consultant.

The greatest assets of any professional organization are its people. From our front-line administrative, sales staff and training officers to the "behind-the-scenes" support staff in our warehouse, AED Authority Canada possess specific and wide-ranging expertise which adds value to the delivery of Public Access Programs for your community, business or your home.

Headquartered in Ottawa, with regional offices in Calgary, Vancouver (Western Canada Division) and Sudbury as well as Halifax (Eastern Canada Division) our outreach program allows us the ability to meet with our clients on a regular bases.



Excellence, Education, Community, Accountability, Expertise

With a combined 108 years of pre hospital and post admission care, we at AED Authority Canada are dedicated to the community and PAD partners and are poised to become Canada’s leading private sector Centre of Excellence and Expertise in the delivery of Public Access Defibrillation Programs (PAD).


Dynamic leadership in the delivery of PAD requires that we continuously seek new knowledge and the application of fresh innovative concepts such as our AED Authority Canada Medical Advisory Committee (AEDAMAC) which is comprised of key members including a Medical Doctor, Performance Management Coordinator, Public Health Education Officer, Paramedic (Ontario) Training Officer and Critical Incident Stress Management certified Staff.


Having an AED close by can mean the difference between life and death for a victim of SCA.

Time to the first defibrillation shock is the most critical factor in determining survival rates for SCA. With every minute that goes by, survival rates drop up to 10 percent. That leaves a window of 10 minutes in which to potentially save a life, after which few rescue attempts succeed.


Currently more than 92 percent of SCA victims die because defibrillation isn't available soon enough.  Although CPR is essential to maintaining blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body, defibrillation is the single most effective treatment for SCA. Time is of the essence because brain death and permanent death begin in 4-6 minutes.

The Canadian Heart Association recommends defibrillation within five minutes or less of collapse. Unfortunately, it takes emergency medical services teams, on average, six to 12 minutes to arrive. Time to defibrillation, the most critical factor in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival, can be reduced if an AED is on-site and can be brought to the victim quickly. This is one of the reasons survival rates improve in communities with active AED programs. Remember, every minute that passes before defibrillation reduces survival rates by 7-10 percent.